Afterthoughts on the Researching Interculturally workshop


These are some afterthoughts inspired by the Researching Interculturally workshop, which run on 24 November 2017. They were written by Tian Gan, PhD student at Goldsmiths and social media contributor for the workshop.

“The workshop kicked off with an attention-grabbing activity- displaying the self-project through flower arrangements, during which each researcher was naturally nudged to intellectually deconstruct the conceptualizations of their research projects, and then physically reassemble the foci of their empirical endeavor onto the floral foams with various kinds of self-selected flowers. Following the artful glimpse into me-search(es), a panel of expert scholars addressed a range of important issues concerning intercultural research, from the definitions of intercultural research across disciplines, the challenges it presents, to suggestions for PhD students doing intercultural research. Quite a few thought-provoking concepts were raised and highlighted, one of which is that we should not research ON people but WITH people. It is deemed essential for researchers to get involved with the community in question and also to have locals involved along the course of the research. As discussed during the workshop, the driving force behind our project is probably to make a change inter-culturally (or even intra-culturally). But maybe to fulfill such expectation, we should, at some point along the empirical journey, make me-search a we-search.”

In the Output section of the workshop website ( you can also find the videos where panel experts address the key questions which originated our workshop, and other videos with the workshop participants.

Happy watching!